Dog Solar Statue Metal Yard Art - 16" Animal Solar Garden Lights

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Our best friend Buddy, a Dog solar statue, is sitting back on his haunches, so excited hoping to go home with you. With his tongue hanging out, his tail wagging and his droopy ears flopping, he may be the friendliest 16" Tall rustic brown metal solar Dog you may ever encounter. Buddy will be a wonderful daytime addition to your yard. At night, the Buddy Dog's metal free style design body lights up with a Blue LED.

Our Dog solar light is handcrafted, with happy Blue Glass Eyes and a spiral Tail. Behind his metal frame is a Blue plastic that diffuses the glow of the Blue LED at night. The sun will shine through this Blue material onto the solar panel, located in the interior of the dog body, to charge the solar battery.

Check out Cleopatra, Buddy's regal and very sassy Cat solar statue.


  • Dog solar statue named Buddy, metal yard art, animal solar garden lights with Free Shipping
  • Puppy dog metal art sculpture is 16" H x 7.5" L x 5" W, and makes a grand statement outdoors
  • Made from Brown Rustic Metal, Glass Eyes and Plastic Blue Interior Sheet
  • Includes one 1.2V AA 600mAh Ni-CD solar battery
  • Solar Panel and Battery Module, located at the bottom interior of the dog, is 3" in Diameter
  • Solar Panel and Light Sensor is 2" x 2"
  • Includes an On/Off switch, which must be pushed to the ON position for the solar dog light to come on automatically at night. NOTE: Remove the little round tab that's blocking the movement of the ON/OFF switch, then push the switch to ON.
  • Do not set the Dog solar light where the bottom portion will flood
  • To access the solar panel module from the bottom of the dog, carefully lift the metal tabs, then turn the louvers until the slots are even and you can lift out the round module. On the bottom, push the switch to the ON position, put module back into the Dog interior, turn until the slots are in different positions, and push the metal tab back in place
6 Month Warranty from Natures Solar Lights.


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