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Dolphin Solar Coastal Statue Surfing the Waves - Solar Coastal Sealife

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Our very sleek Dolphin solar coastal statue is riding the waves, and enjoying it tremendously. His passion is surfing, and there's none better.

We call him Dayne the Dolphin, and he would really enjoy riding the waves by your home. At night, both of his eyes light up so that he can check out the next wave. He is made from durable Resin and stands 8" High.

His best friend, Pearl the Pelican, is joining him at the beach this afternoon, so he'd better catch one last wave.

Solar coastal sea life creatures can be set in your garden or on your deck. You can also create a special coastal beach and ocean for their enjoyment, by adding some sparkly white sand and some shiny blue pebbles like you would use in an aquarium.

The fun thing is, you can be as creative as you want when it comes to creating a beach themed sea life area for you to enjoy on a daily basis.


  • One Dayne the Dolphin solar coastal statue, with Free Shipping
  • Solar spot light eyes have one cool white LED in each eye
  • Dolphin and ocean waves statue is 7" L x 6" W x 8" H
  • Fins are keeping Dayne steady as can be on the waves
  • Made from durable Poly-resin, with great color retention
  • Color of Dolphin is Gray and White
  • Color of waves is a Blue Coral Reef
  • Includes a 1.2V AA Ni-MH rechargeable and replaceable solar battery
  • Solar Panel is located on the back of the statue, and charges the internal battery during sunny days
  • Light duration is up to 8 hours at night
  • One year warranty
  • Manufactured by Smart Solar
One year warranty from Smart Solar.

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