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Solar Light Rechargeable Batteries, 1.2V AAA Ni-MH 1200mAh 10-Pack

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This Pack of 10 Solar Light Rechargeable Batteries are a 1.2 Volt "AAA" Ni-MH replacement battery with charging capacity of 1200mAh. They can be used to replace your 1.2V existing solar light battery.

Rechargeable batteries for solar lights generally last up to 2 years. We always recommend that you replace your existing Ni-MH with a Ni-MH, or your Ni-CD with a Ni-CD 1.2 Volt battery. Although the solar lights will work with either one, the original circuitry is set up for one or the other, not both in most cases. Specifically, if you install a Ni-MH into a light that had Ni-CD, the life expectancy of the battery will not last as long.

Can you use just any rechargeable battery that you charge in your electric battery charger? In a pinch, yes. That battery will last as long as the built-in charge lasts, maybe a few months, then it will give out and you'll have to take it out of the solar light, bring it into your home and plug it into your electric charger to recharge. Remember, a battery that is charged by electricity has no ability to charge itself from solar power. Unless you prefer to be dealing with your solar batteries all of the time, choose replacement batteries made for solar lighting.

The mAh refers to the energy storage capacity that a single battery can hold. The higher the mAh, the more energy the battery can store from the sun on a single day. If your existing lights have multiple LED bulbs in one fixture, it does draw more energy on a daily basis, so the larger 1200mAh capacity will keep your lights on longer at night. These can replace your 600mAh or less rechargeable batteries with no problem, and give you a longer, better charge for your solar garden lights.


  • Solar Light Batteries, 1.2V AAA Ni-MH 1200mAh 10-Pack
  • Designed especially for solar lights with the ability to be charged via the solar panel and circuitry
  • Easy to install
  • Expected Lifetime: 1000 charge & discharge cycles
  • Install batteries in the morning and allow them to charge throughout the day
  • It is recommended that you replace the batteries in your solar light fixture with the same type of rechargeable battery, i.e. if your light has Ni-MH, replace the batteries with Ni-MH
30 Day Limited Warranty

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