Solar Lamp Post and Solar Landscape Lighting vs. Electric Lights

Posted by Marcia Price on Jan 27th 2016

Should you Install Solar Lamp Post Lights or Electric?

Solar Path lights & Solar Landscape LightingInstalling electric outdoor landscape lights is expensive. First you need to design the layout of your lighting to get it right the first time. You may have to pay to have that done, you definitely do not want to pay double to change the placement of a light. 

You will need to have someone come out to outline where the existing underground cable, wiring and plumbing is to avoid destroying that while trenching for the new wiring.

There will be the cost of the electrician, materials and the trenching, that will look awful for quite some time. Regardless of the end design result, you are resigned to love it since you have no desire to go through more trenching and additional costs.

Once your electric fixtures are installed, you get to dig into your pocketbook every single month to pay the high electric cost to actually turn on those light fixtures. You may want to invest more money into a timer to turn the lights on so you'll have light when you come home in the dark from work. Don't forget the never ending light bulb replacement and electric company rate increases!

There's also the ongoing reports about electromagnetic fields and stray voltage that is a very hazardous condition, and affecting health. You can read about it in this Health Impact News Article.

So, before you call the exterior lighting design company and electrician for quotes, consider solar powered lightsIt makes sense to cut down on the amount of exterior electricity being used on your property whenever you can.

Solar powered lights are the most natural resource you can use for your exterior lighting. There are no health issues that your solar lights will create. They do not rely on electricity, they need only the rays from the sun for charging. When your neighborhood has a blackout, you will still have light around your home for security and safety.

They will come on automatically at dusk, without the need for a timer. The photo sensor, on the fixture head or encased into the solar panel, acts as your timer, lighting the LED bulbs in your lanterns when the sun goes down.

Outdoor solar lamp post lights are easy to install with the hardware that is included with your purchase. After a day of sunshine, you will have light that comes on every night all by itself, and it's free! The only cost you will have is replacing the batteries every two to three years.

If you decide your solar pole yard light would look better being 2 feet to the right, move it. What kind of cost will you incur with this drastic move? Your labor cost for filling the first hole in with dirt.

Solar lamp post lights emit a softer illumination that will highlight the natural beauty of your landscape. They will accent your special landscape or pond features, and add lighting around your driveway, garage and entrance for you to feel safe and secure coming home at night. With solar, as long as the location receives sunshine during the day for at least 4 hours, you can install solar landscape lighting wherever you want light at night.

We need to stop thinking that we have to blast the night with a lot of bright, electric light. No one needs 200 watts of light by your entrance or driveway. That's harsh, and removes any chance of seeing the stars at night. Lighting should compliment the outdoors, not destroy it. As long as you can clearly see where you are driving, walking, or where to place your key in the door lock, you should be good to go.

Your landscape and your home will be even more beautiful with the glow of solar lights. You can choose a Bright White LED that will give you a true white lighting. Or buy a Warm White LED fixture that emits a wonderful off-white or beige lighting that is never harsh, never glaring, and adds wonderful ambiance. 

Install some serenity into your life, and enjoy your outdoor solar landscape lights every night for free.

Check out all of the great indoor and outdoor solar lights, solar lamp posts and solar path lights here at Natures Solar Lights. If you have any questions, or need assistance with your purchase, call us at 623-974-0787.

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