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The Royal Brushed Bronze Solar Carriage Light has an elegant Tuscan and New Orleans design to illuminate your deck, patio and sunny entrance. The flat mount 23" high solar carriage lantern installs easily on your columns, pillars and 6" and larger posts, and will add elegance, incredible curb appeal, and green energy solar powered light to your home.

The Royal solar column lantern comes with a 2700K Warm White solar light bulb that emits 120 lumens of light on the high setting. As an Option, if you want to have a brighter light for your home, you can purchase a 6000K Bright White LED that will emit around 150 lumens of light for an additional $23.00, including shipping.

Gama Sonic's quality Royal solar carriage light is made from powder coated cast aluminum, with a Brushed Bronze finish. Real Rain Glass lenses are incorporated into the design to add beauty and elegant durability.

The solar panel is protected with a tempered glass cover to avoid damage. The Two Lithium Ion 3.2V batteries have an excellent storage capacity of 1500mAh each, and a lifespan of 5 years.

With the flat base feature, you can easily install the Royal solar carriage lights on your brick columns, or onto your driveway entrance pillars, your courtyard columns, or the beautiful brick and stone pedestals leading up to your front door. As long as the column is in a sunny location and the surface is flat, place the Royal solar lantern where you want it, and use the included hardware to secure it safely to the flat surface.

The flat mount base also makes it extremely easy to convert your electric fixtures to solar. Once an electrician has disconnected the electricity, cover the existing hole with the 6" solar lamp post base, secure the lantern to the column using the included hardware, and you will have immediate sun powered landscape lighting to enjoy free from the ties to expensive electricity.

Install Matching Solar Carriage Lights:  Light up every area of your home and outdoors with matching solar lanterns and finish with the Brushed Bronze Solar Pole Light that stands 87" high, the Brushed Bronze wall mount solar carriage light to install on vertical surfaces, the Royal Solar Carriage Light with a flat mount base to install on columns, pillars and posts, and the Royal Solar Carriage Light with 3" Fitter Pole. All of these solar carriage lanterns will match for a wonderfully coordinated and elegant look at your home.


  • Solar Carriage light for columns, pillars and posts, Brushed Bronze finish with Free Shipping
  • Solar carriage lantern is 23" H x 8.75" W x 8.75" D
  • Warm White 2700K SMD LED, with 120 Lumens of light output, incorporated into the Solar Powered Light Bulb
  • Economy and High switch for hours of light duration and amount of brightness
  • Two excellent high powered 3.2V Lithium Ion battery with 1500mAh included, should last for 2,000 cycles, approximately 5 years
  • Rain glass lenses for a beautiful shine
  • Patented cone reflector for superior light output
  • Manual On/Off switch for storage purposes
  • Light Sensor will automatically turn on solar carriage light at night
  • Solar Panels will partially charge the batteries even on cloudy days
  • Weather and rust resistant powder coated cast aluminum construction
  • Energy efficient, green solar powered light
  • Weathered Bronze or Black finish also available under SKU #GS-98B-P-98B011
  • Two year limited Warranty
  • Quality production by Gama Sonic


  • Battery Pack: 3.2V, 1500 Ma Lithium-Ion x 2
  • Charging Capacity: 1500mAh
  • LED Type: SMD Warm White 2700K, with 120 Lumens of Light Output
  • Power Source: Mono-crystalline Solar Panel with Tempered Glass covering x 4
  • Install outdoor solar carriage lights in sunny location
  • Light Duration: Approximately 8 hours on Economy and 6 hours on High with at least 3 hours of sun, and 15 hours on Economy and 10 hours on High with a full day of sun
  • Made from powder coated cast-aluminum with Brushed Bronze Finish
  • Weight: 8 Pounds
  • Manufactured by Gama Sonic Solar Lights 

Instructions for Removing Fixture Head to Turn Lantern On: 

  • Unscrew the two knobs in the upper part of the lamp fixture head to detach it from the glass lens area
  • Do not put pressure on the solar panels
  • Turn ON the operation switch by choosing your desired brightness level: Economy or High - Economy will give you more hours of light duration at night, and High will give you a brighter light output
  • Reassemble the upper part of the lantern by screwing the two knobs back on
  • Place in sunny location to receive optimum charging
  • Here is a Link to the Royal Installation Instructions


  • After several years when the batteries needs to be replaced, use only high quality Gama Sonic Li-Ion, 3.2V 1500mAh, Two batteries required
  • Turn solar column lantern to OFF prior to replacing batteries
  • Do not dispose of Lithium-Ion batteries in regular trash - Recycle per city, state and federal regulations
  • Clean the solar panel regularly with a damp cloth for optimum charging performance
  • Do not use harsh chemical solvents to clean your solar pillar lantern and solar panels

 Replacing the Solar LED Bulb: 

  • Detach the Fixture Head lid
  • Turn the light operation to OFF
  • Remove the existing solar bulb by turning it counterclockwise, just like a regular electric bulb
  • Install the new LED bulb by turning into the bulb socket clockwise
  • Turn the light operation to ON
  • Reassemble the unit working backwards on instructions
  • Pressure on the solar panel area of the solar carriage light and lantern should always be kept to a minimum to avoid damage
  • NOTE: These GS Solar Light Bulbs are Low Voltage, and work ONLY with Gama Sonic solar lamp post light products. They are NOT for use in any type of electrical socket.
Two Year Limited Warranty from Gama Sonic.

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